SQL Server Scheduled Job ‘MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb’ (0x9550CE8A82FC08489D1CCDE01A38C057) – Status: Failed – Invoked on: 2016-01-25 15:16:00 – Message: The job failed.  Unable to determine if the owner (DOMAIN\ACCOUNT) of job MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb has server access (reason: Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user DOMAIN\SAACCOUNT, error code 0x5. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 15404)).

This is due to the fact that the SQL Server Agent is running under a local account that cannot read the domain account permissions. Change the job to a local account or change the SQL Server Agent Service to a domain account.


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