Microsoft lacks an easy way to set the language and keyboard options in Windows.
There are different articles, scripts, tools etc. out there to configure this.

I created my own custom Group Policy to set the default input language to Dutch and the keyboard to United States International.

Download the .ADM file here

How to apply this policy:

Open the Group Policy Management Console
Create a new GPO or edit an existing one
Right click on the GPO en click on Edit image
Expand the User Configuration, Policies and right click on Administrative Templates
Click on Add/Remove Templates image
Click on Add
Select the Keyboard_Layout.adm
Click on Close image
Expland Classic Administrative Templates SNAGHTML126dcf
Expand Keyboard Layout
Enable Keyboard Layout Switching
Enable Language Setting and select Dutch
Enable Keyboard Setting and select Keyboard-setting US –International
Click Ok image

Restart the client or and log on with a user account that has the policy applied. Check the language options.

You can add/change/remove languages from the .ADM file using a text editor.


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