SHA-1 digital hashing is seen as the ultimate security method as it’s accurate. It identifies each file independently of all other factors other than the file itself. If a file is altered it can easily be checked because the SHA-1 checksum is changed. But how can we easily find the SHA-1 code for a file?

Implbits has created a easy to use tool called HashTab, which adds a tab to the Windows properties window. HashTab can be downloaded here.

Let’s install HashTab;

Click Next 29-4-2012 9-25-05
Click I agree 29-4-2012 9-25-12
Click Install 29-4-2012 9-25-18
Click Finish

That was easy 🙂

29-4-2012 9-25-27

Now let’s take a look at a file property.

There is a new tab with File Hashes
29-4-2012 9-28-16
It’s very easy to copy the SHA-1 code by right clicking the Name 29-4-2012 9-29-29

How to check if a file is different

If you want to check if a file has changed, and so the hash has changed, it provides a feature called Compare a file

The file selected is altered 29-4-2012 9-29-13


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.






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