Configuration Logging is the possibilty to log every action a system engineer does in XenApp.

It is possible to silently enable this feature using the following steps:

  • Create an empty SQL database and assign a account with read+write rights
  • Download the XenApp SDK for PowerShell here
  • Install the XenApp SDK module on a XenApp server
  • Click: Start, All Programs, Citrix, XenApp 6.5 Server SDK and start Windows PowerShell with Citrix XenApp 6.5 Server SDK
  • Enter the following command, this is an example:
    Set-XAConfigurationLog -LoggingEnabled $true
    -ChangesWhileDisconnectedAllowed $true
    -CredentialsOnClearLogRequired $true
    -DatabaseType SqlServer
    -AuthenticationMode Integrated
    -ConnectionString “Server=SQL-SERVER-NAME;Database=SQL-Database;User ID=DOMAIN\USERACCOUNT;Password=PASSWORD;Trusted_Connection=False;Encrypt=False;”

Download the script here

  • Replace the following:
  1. SQL-SERVER-NAME = SQL Server where the database is created
  2. SQL-DATABASE-NAME = SQL Database name
  3. DOMAIN = Domain where the account resists of the service account for SQL
  4. USERACCOUNT = Account with read+write rights within SQL
  •  Run the command, this will enable Configuration Logging

XenApp Configuration Logging

The following options are available if you want to change the parameters:

-LoggingEnabled                             $true
-ChangesWhileDisconnectedAllowed             $true
-CredentialsOnClearLogRequired                 $true
-DatabaseType                                 Unknown, SqlServer, Oracle
-DatabaseUser                                 <PSCredential>
-AuthenticationMode                             None, Native, Integrated
-ConnectionString                        “Server=SQL-SERVER-NAME;Database=SQL-Database;User ID=DOMAIN\USERACCOUNT;Password=PASSWORD;Trusted_Connection=False;Encrypt=False;”

If you cannot manage to get it working: An other alternative is to create the Configuration Logging manually using the wizard in Citrix AppCenter and afterwards get the parameters for the script using the following command: Get-XAConfigurationLog


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.





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