This blog posts explains how to duplicate a vDisk for Provisiong Service 6.x. I used 6.1.

A vDisk can be copied and renamed to make it available for use by Provisioning Server clients.

In earlier versions, like 3.x, 4.x and 5.x you could copy a vDisk and use the copied disk in the Create new Device wizard. This options is not available in version 6.x. You will receive the following error when importing the copied disk:



I borrowed the text from and added the screenshots and experience.


Copy the versioned vDisk including all *.vhd, *.ahvd, and *.pvp files. (Don’t copy *.lok files).  
Rename or label the copied files as required. clip_image001clip_image002
Open the PVS console, right click the source vDisk, and choose ‘Export vDisk…’. A dialog appears.

Make sure the disk is not locked, because then the Export vDisk options is not available.

In the export dialog, choose the the latest version in the drop-down menu named ‘Export versions starting at’, then click OK. After a short delay the dialog closes. In the source vDisk’s store you’ll find a manifest file containing the entire information about the versions of that vDisk. The manifest file name matches with the name of the vDisk and it has a .xml suffix clip_image005clip_image006
Rename the manifest file using the name of the copied vDisk. clip_image007


Open the manifest file in a text editor and accurately replace all references to the name of the source vDisk with the name of the copied vDisk. Double-check the changes, then save the file. clip_image010
Now, you should have a set of VHD/AVHD/PVP file and an XML file with the same base file name. And the manifest/XML refers to the new VHD and AVHD files. clip_image012
In the PVS console, right click the vDisk store, and choose ‘Add or Import Existing vDisk…’. A dialog appears. clip_image013
the copied vDisk will be displayed.  
In the import dialog, check the settings for Site, Store, and Server, then click Search. After a short delay  
Check the vDisk, check/uncheck the load balancing option as wanted, then click Add. After a short delay a popup appears saying that the import was successful. Click OK, then click Close in the import dialog. clip_image014


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.





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