Updating images using Citrix Provisioning Services requires a new Version and boot that new version into Maintenance mode. During this step only one machine can have write access. Afterwards the new Version is promoted to Test or Production and the write lock is removed. But sometimes this new Version stays Locked.

Citrix has developed a feature called Managed Locked where a lock can be removed. But sometimes this does not work. There is also a fix known on the internet where the vDisk is removed from the inventory and re-added. But this does not work for Devices where Personal vDisks are used because then the master images needs to be updated using Citrix Update Personal vDisk. Removing the .lok file manually can cause strange behavior so that is not the best option.

So when you boot a Device that has a lock, it displays the following error:

Vdisk is locked. 0xfffff8017




If the Managed Lock does not work the following may work;

  1. Create a new Version


2. Do not boot the new Version.

3. Click on Promote.

4. Click on Test or Production.

5. Boot the Machine to test if the lock is removed.


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.




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