Security is something that every administrator should take seriously.¬†Clear text passwords in (PowerShell) scripts is not […]
Gmail allows the use of SMTP, we can use SMTP for sending e-mail notifications from within […]
When building a new (hosted) desktop the question about what profile type to use regularly pops […]
Running a PowerShell script as scheduled task is not as easy as entering PowerShell.exe *script name.ps1*. […]
When you use tools like Altiris or SCCM and you want to run scripts against Windows […]
Today I was struggling to get a Command Prompt box, sent by Altiris, to run a […]
Here is an example how to set the static IP address if the name is known: […]
To join a domain in Windows 2008 the syntax is a bit changed from Windows 2003. […]
In Windows 2008 and in Windows 7 the wait command is replaced by the Timeout command; […]