When converting Office 2013 Click-to-Run to an App-V package using the Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT), with […]
In this tutorial I am going to virtualize Opera 27. Download the latest version of Opera here […]
In this tutorial I am going to virtualize Google Chrome version 40. Download the latest version […]
App-V 5 uses two Microsoft SQL databases. One to store information about virtual applications, users, configuration […]
Microsoft has released App-V 5 SP2 hotfix 5 on the 13th of June, 6 weeks after […]
Using the DeploymentConfig and the UserConfig XML files it is possible to modify the virtual registry. There […]
App-V 5 has changed in so many ways compared to version 4 just to bring a […]
In App-V 5 it is possible to sequence applications unattended. Using this feature it is very […]
If you want to use an application that does not work on newer operating systems, it’s […]
Here is a list of various App-V 5 errors and the solution if I found one. […]