“<filename>.pptx couldn’t be converted to presentation because Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is not installed on […]
Run the following command to set a new owner, in this example DBO. The database name […]
SQL Server Scheduled Job ‘MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb’ (0x9550CE8A82FC08489D1CCDE01A38C057) – Status: Failed – Invoked on: 2016-01-25 15:16:00 – Message: […]
When using the Software Center to install new software, the error 0x87D01201(-2016407039) pops up. Open Control […]
  Although PowerShell offers cmdlets to get access control lists (ACL) and modify then, I found […]
My best combination for years from a productivity perspective: Windows 7 & Office 2010. This allowed […]
In this blog post I am going to set-up secure access to a web application running […]
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Within SQL it is possible to create a Linked Server to connect to an Oracle database […]
Unable to connectSQLstate=IM004[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver’s SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed   Solution(s): Check the system variable […]