How do the start-ups differ from classic organizations from an people perspective? They search for innovative persons understanding the need for constant change and an interest in adopting new technology to solve business problems and make it grow.

“We need to move towards the cloud!” is yelled at a large classic organization. “Why?” is asked by the different departments doing what they do for years. “What does the cloud bring for us?“  And they are right in some way.

If your business is not that volatile as the business of the start-ups why would you go for that new Machine Learning cloud service or scalable web app on a Content Delivery Network?

The persons working in the ‘classic’ organizations don’t see the benefits of using this kind of technology in their advantage or cannot link the benefits of new technology to their current processes. Let’s call this the Organizational debt.

Organizational debt = Technology moves faster than the Organization can adopt.
This leads to debt like running telnet applications on out-of-support hardware, processes that can be automated with technology are not recognized as the technology is not known or unknown how to implement. Etc.

In some way this is not a problem as business continuous to run on those solutions but when an organization wants to move forward, apply digital transformation and keep relevant it’s time to investigate how technology can help the organization move forward and this requires a people with a different mind-set and skills.



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