Using App-V 5 you have no permissions to folders outside the Primary Virtual Application Directory chosen during the start of the sequencing phase. Except if you are a member of the Administrators. See this post for a extensive explanation.

There are some solutions to take control back over the folder, see this post for an example.

If you have the option to use User Experience Management/Monitoring (UEM) tools, like RES Workspace Manager or AppSense DesktopNow, it is possible to elevate processes so they run with Administrative privileges. This also counts for processes part of the App-V 5 package. And then it gives you full control permissions outside the Primary Virtual Application Directory.

Let’s take a look how to set this up using AppSense DesktopNow.


Open the AppSense Application Manager
It is possible to allow a process to be elevated for Everyone or by a group, in this example I am going to use a group.
Under Application Manager, Rules, right click on Group and click on Add Group Rule. image
Enter the group name, click on Add image
Under the Domain\Group Name node, right click on User Rights and click on Add File image
Enter the path to the executable (in the virtual environment) that needs to be elevated.For example:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration\798F4668-A3EF-4849-A9D8-1933241DC39C\Root\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Photoshop.exe

I did not select the Apply to child processes. Because an end user could start, for example, PowerShell from Adobe PhotoShop and take control over the environment.

Click on Add

Save the configuration and push it to the client.
Test the App-V Package en see that there are no errors related to permissions.


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.






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