XenDesktop error 07E48AB2 when using Machine Creation Services

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When using Machine Creation Service to create virtual desktops within XenDesktop 7 the following error can occur: And this is the output of the log: Error Id: XDDS:07E48AB2 Exception: Citrix.Console.Models.Exceptions.ScriptException Failed to copy the snapshot image /mtd1.vm/base.snapshot/MCS Ready.snapshot to the storage referenced by the Resources Hyper-V1. at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks. ProvisioningSchemeTask.WaitForProvisioningSchemeActionCompletion(Guid taskId, Action`1 actionResultsObtained) at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.’ ProvisioningSchemeCreationTask.StartProvisioningAction() […]

Citrix XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) 7 stays Unregistered

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In Citrix XenDesktop 7 there has been a change that DNS alias isn’t allowed anymore. See article http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX137960 for more information. When you start a Device that has a alias in the registry it stays Unregistered and the following is logged in the Event Log. The Citrix Desktop Service failed to register with any delivery […]

Devices with EdgeSight Agents Do Not Show Up in the EdgeSight Web Console

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When you use Citrix EdgeSight and the EdgeSight agents do not show up, first check the file  SYS_EVENT_TXT.txt  for any error(s). For example: Worker 104 running with trigger 24 had status of 0x800411E1. Error: Unable to load the specified script file, ‘http:|ZHTTP|/init.aspx?|ZINST|’. Detailed information can be found in the script log file. The specified operation […]

Citrix Desktop Director error “Desktop Director Error: Desktop Director encountered an internal error. Please contact your IT Admin for assistance”

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When installing Citrix Desktop Director on Windows Server 2008 R2 using IIS7 there is an error when opening the website; “Desktop Director Error: Desktop Director encountered an internal error. Please contact your IT Admin for assistance” This can be solved by:   Open IIS   Click on Application Pools   Right click on DesktopDirector   […]

Using the VMXNET3 driver with Citrix PVS and VMware vSphere 5.1

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The VMXNET3 driver for vSphere 5.1 is the driver with the best performance, the highest throughput and the least CPU utilization in comparison with the E1000 driver. But when using this network card with Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 it brings some complexity. Let take a look how to get the VMXNET3 network card working within […]