Fix for Citrix Receiver error “Connection established. Negotiating capabilities…”

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When configuring Citrix XenDesktop’s VM Hosted App functionality the connection to the app would hang on “Connection established. Negotiating capabilities…”   I tried several solutions: 1) Change the permissions on HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSLicensing as described in this article: 2) Delete the registry keys: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSLicensing\HardwareID and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSLicensing\Store 3) Delete the registry keys Certificate, X509 Certificate and X509 […]

Configure Citrix Receiver 4.1 for pass-through authentication to StoreFront 2.5

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In this blog I am going to Configure pass-through authentication to Citrix StoreFront 2.5 using Citrix Receiver 4.1. Use Keywords to mark applications and desktop as favorite within Citrix Receiver Here are the version numbers of the software components that I use: – StoreFront: – Citrix Receiver:   Step 1 – Enable Domain […]

Configuring Citrix Receiver PNAgent pass-through authentication to StoreFront 2.5

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The PN Agent is a seamless way to publish Citrix shortcuts for users. Citrix Storefront 2.5 re-introduces pass-through authentication for legacy clients, this makes it more seamless for the end-user. In this blog I am going to configure the PN Agent to point to StoreFront 2.5 using pass-through authentication. I assume that Storefront is installed. […]

Citrix StoreFront 2.0 start the desktop or applications full screen

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Using Citrix StoreFront 2.0 the published desktop or applications start on 60% of the screen. For applications this isn’t too bad but for desktops it is better to show them 100%. Here is how to change the default setting. 1. Open the file C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\UIBK\App_Data\default.ica on the StoreFront server(s) with notepad 2. Add the line [Application] […]

Devices with EdgeSight Agents Do Not Show Up in the EdgeSight Web Console

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When you use Citrix EdgeSight and the EdgeSight agents do not show up, first check the file  SYS_EVENT_TXT.txt  for any error(s). For example: Worker 104 running with trigger 24 had status of 0x800411E1. Error: Unable to load the specified script file, ‘http:|ZHTTP|/init.aspx?|ZINST|’. Detailed information can be found in the script log file. The specified operation […]

Enabling Pass-through authentication for the Citrix Web Interface

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When using the Citrix Receiver in combination with the Citrix Web Interface and Pass-through authentication, in some scenarios the following screen pops-up and Pass-through is not functioning correctly:   To get Pass-through working correctly, the following settings must be set. This can be done using a Group Policy Object, or locally using the Local Computer […]