Run a Powershell script as Scheduled Task

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Running a PowerShell script as scheduled task is not as easy as entering PowerShell.exe *script name.ps1*. I have been struggling with it for quite some time. Here is a command line to get it up and running: 1) Set the execution policy so script are allowed to run, open PowerShell and enter: Set-executionpolicy -scope currentuser […]

How-to fix the AppSense Performance Manager website creation

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The AppSense Performance Manager controls and optimizes CPU, Memory and Disk I/O to improve system capacity, improve application response times and provide a superior quality of service. During the installation the following error occurred:   > Failed to commit property ‘WebDirectoryAccess’ > Failed to set web directory access attribute of directory ‘/StatisticsUploads’ > Filename: \\?\C:\Program […]

How-to replace a UE-V template

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UE-V templates contain information what files and register keys to save. If this template is updated or replaced the template should be unregistered en reregistered to function properly. Method 1 – PowerShell Import-module uev Unregister the current template unregister-UevTemplate –TemplateId *name* Verify that the current templates are no longer registered by enteringget-uevtemplate | format-table -property […]